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Providing quality services to the aviation industry
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If you are a carrier flying into a new base, operating a new aircraft type to a station or need to conduct an operational safety audit, our consultants have the experience and knowledge to make your operation successful.

We will set-up and support the operation at any station on your behalf, our expertise is all encompassing allowing us to organize your entire operation. This includes but is not limited to:

    Baggage Screening, Handling and Sortation

    Aircraft Handling (Pushbacks, Towing, Arrivals, Door Operation)

    Aircraft Servicing (De-Icing, Fueling, Water and Lavatories, grooming)

    Aircraft Loading (Wide-body Cargo Load Systems operation, Locks)

    Weight & Balance (Loading, Reporting & Manual Load sheets)

    Passenger Handling (Manifests, coupon reporting and remittal)


We can conduct safety and operational audits based on your corporate standards and objectives. If desired we can review and implement recommendations on-site for immediate operational improvements.

Safety Audits are very extensive and include a review of all processes in the operation with an eye to eliminating any factors which can lead to an incident or accident.
Industry and corporate standards are used to measure performance.

Extensive reports are generated to provide your company with specific findings and recommendations to improve your operational performance while reducing your incident and accident rate.

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